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          QIANGWEI design,produce and sell home hardware products across many sectors of he home improvement and hardware indusries.After over 20 years of the exprience,our products are sell to many countries all over the world,win a high reputation with every customer.

        You can click on the individual range to find out more about each portfolio where there are also detail product information.

        Home Improvement And Decoration For The Happiness!
        Modern Curtain Rod
        Integrate fasionable element,the modern curtain rods are always leading the tren...
        Classical Curtain Rod
        With the elegant design of each finial, they will retain glamour everlasting in ...
        Shower Rod
        Heavy-duty construction; Quick & easy installation; Chip & rust resistant
        Coffee Rod
        Easy and simple, dress your curtains will makes your life different!
        Closet Organization
        With a stylish metallic finish, this rod holds houseware without distracting fro...
        Utility Brackets
        Designed conveniently for your home,with a unvarying finish, they are sure to ...
        Decorative Brackets
        All brackets' design with durable finsihing and strong construction, it's time t...
        Door and Gate Hardware
        Perfect bearing design; Durable metallic finish; Decorative scalloped design
        New Product

        We've just launched our new website ready - what do you all think?
        We're exhibiting at Heimtextil 2014
        We're exhibiting at Home Textile Sourcing Expo 2013
        CONTACT US
        Phone : + 86 571 82857866
        Email : sales1@qw-hardware.com
        Address : Xin Tang Tou Industrial Zone,
        Xin Jie, Xiao Shan District, HangZhou,Zhe Jiang, China
        Copyright Zhejiang Qiang Wei Hardware Co.Ltd 2014Website Design by: Juchuang.Net   Disclaimer(免責聲明)
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